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Rahale B. is a singer/songwriter. She fell in love with music as a child and her passion for music ignited while expressing her emotions through sound. Rahale’s energy and cultural upbringing blends like her music. She continues to push the bar; perfecting her craft by using flavorful melodies, captivating lyrics, and unique vocal abilities. Now taking center stage in Christian music’s collective consciousness. 


Mostly known as a popular feature for various artists and her hit singles, "Take Me High" and "By Grace", Rahale has captivated many all over. Her dreams started coming to fruition after opening up for several R&B artists such as J Holiday, Jacquees, and Trey Songz and releasing 3 EPs of her own. In September 2020, Rahale came to Christ and continued her musical journey with Christian music and even became a worship leader. 


What makes Rahale’s music stand out is the emotion she effortlessly infuses into her sound. She stated, “I’m glad the response to what I do has been so positive over the years. I’m definitely looking forward to spreading the gospel with my music and encouraging people to lean into God's presence.”


Rahale B. has won over the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life. She performs at a variety of venues, churches, and makes public appearances all while recording her new music. Stay tuned for her debut Christian album!


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